T he beauty of the universe

    around us everywhere.

Some people show their thankfulness

            others hardly seem to care.

Food and drink and clothing,

            necessities of life.

But do not worship elements;

            God gives us breath and life.

I know one thing is certain,

            it surely won’t abate.

That God will judge each person,

            if seems early or seems late.

Time passes very quickly,

            each year another spent.

I love you, neighbor, truly,

            and I hope you will repent.

In light of all these happenings,

            shouldn’t we consider then.

That Jesus Christ was crucified,

            and, yes, he rose again.

To call His people “holy,”

            and give them new-found life.

Granting them an inner peace,

            and deliverance from strife.

To say, “No,” to temptation,

            living righteous every day.

As owner He sets the standards,

            for what we do and say.

He gives each person life and breath,

            and watches what we do.

Created in His image,

            we are to watch Him, too.

He’s given us His Holy Word,

            from His own Holy Spirit.

It’s accurate and true,

            and He’s hoping we will hear it.

So, yes, life’s just a vapor,

            each day merely a breath.

Today we may be vigorous,

            but our destiny is death.

This curse we have from Adam,

            by eating of the tree.

But by following Jesus Christ,

            we can truly be set free!

God wishes none to perish,

            His patience unsurpassed.

But choosing to reject Him,

            will reap his fiery blast.

Some people think this foolishness,

            I hope this isn’t you.

I used to mock and curse God,

            offered lipservice, too.

I wrote this especially for you,

            I did my very best,

To give you just the highlights,

            the Bible has the rest.

So choose this day whom you will serve,

            the decision’s yours to make.

The just and loving God of heaven,

            or the crafty snake.

The latter is a murderous tyrant,

            he makes unjust demands.

But God gives eternal life to all,

            who follow His commands.